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The cables in the REFERENCE AIR series have already caused a sensation in the world of high-end connections: “It is the best cable ever placed between amp and speakers.” (AUDIO 02-2020 | LS-2404 AIR PURE SILVER). We have developed the REFERENCE MICRO AIR series based on the same approach to physics. As the name suggests, insulating air also plays a central role in the new REFERENCE MICRO AIR series due to its excellent dielectric properties.

Cables as such produce no sound, but have a filter effect and interact with the components. In our opinion, audio connections should be as inconspicuous as possible and should not produce any sound colouration. Because these may be astonishing when heard for the first time, but in the end they distort the original sound and over the course of time they become highly irritating. The trick is therefore to adapt the unavoidable physical filter effect of the cables by means of the architecture and choice of materials in such a way that losses and interactions are reduced to a minimum. We have also pursued this goal in the development of the REFERENCE MICRO AIR series and – in our opinion – we have achieved it again.

Like the AIR HELIX cables, the REFERENCE cables with MICRO AIR technology are manufactured in our own factory in Germany. In addition to the complex manual assembly of the cables, this naturally also includes corresponding quality control. After production, each cable is put through its paces. Functional tests as well as mechanical tests are performed. And of course we also monitor live performance as part of product development for the greatest possible precision and low-loss signal transmission.

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