Pop International
35 - 0160901
Pop International
35 - 0160901

Der in-akustik Soundcheck

  • Artist: Various
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0160901
  • Release Date: 30.03.2012
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Pop International

Soundcheck for the perfect cable.

Which cable is suitable for your requirements? This CD helps you to choose the right one. Because the cable has a huge impact on the sound of your hi-fi system. This CD contains a collection of superior recordings from the in-akustik sales repertoire representing all the different sound characteristics. You can enjoy exquisite music and the superior sound of your hi-fi system, once you have found the right cable.

  • Heavy Heart (Taylor, Joanne Shaw)
  • Invitation To The blues (Blues Company)
  • Sourdos (Friedemann)
  • Send For Me (Alexander, Monty)
  • My Baby Just Cares For Me (Friend 'N Fellow)
  • Dance Lady Gipsy (Schenker Barden Acoustic Project)
  • Last Warning (Noble, Keri)
  • Don't I Know You From Somewhere? (Sara K.)
  • Collapsible Plans (Sugar) (Freund, Tom)
  • Drive (Flying Pickets)
  • Ponta De Areia (Spalding, Esperanza)
  • Bach: "Evolutionary" Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565 (Carpenter, Cameron)