Blues Rock
172210 - 0169157
Blues Rock
172210 - 0169157

Hey Joe Opus Red Meat & Fantasizing About Being Black


There is a good chance to know the music of the Roots visionary Otis Taylor from movies. To call him a contemporary artist is an understatement. Although his music is based on blues and folk, his carefully designed recordings are a fall of the barriers to jazz, rock, funk, Americana and a variety of other genres - to create a hybrid which Otis Taylor calls trance blues. This style serves as a pillar for his open stories of struggle, freedom, conflict and desire. To date Otis Taylor has received 20 Blues Music Award (BMA) nominations.

Hey Joe Opus Red Meat

Designed to be listened to as a single piece of music in ten parts, the album has the song Hey Joe as ist overriding theme which is performed in two different versions here, both with contrasting instrumentation. Further songs and song forms are moving into instrumental sections. Guest musician are: Warren Haynes Bill Nershi Langhorne Slim and Daniel Sproul.

Fantasizing About Being Black, is a stark and poetic lesson on the historical trauma of the African American experience. Otis Taylor simultaneously travels back in time while moving forward as a musical artist.

  • Hey Joe (A)
  • Sunday Morning (A)
  • Heart Is A Muscle Used To Play The Blues
  • Red Meat
  • Peggy Lee
  • They Wore Blue
  • Hey Joe (B)
  • Sunday Morning (B)
  • Cold At Midnight
  • Sunday Morning (C)
  • Twelve String Mile
  • Walk On Water
  • Banjo Bam Bam
  • Hand On Your Stomach
  • Jump Jelly Belly
  • Tripping On This
  • D to E Blues
  • Jump Out Of Line
  • Just Want To Live With You Baby
  • Roll Down The Hill
  • Jump To Mexico