Hard Rock
35 - 0169116
  • Artist: Schenker, Michael
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0169116
  • Release Date: 30.11.2012
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Hard Rock
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Temple Of Rock - Live In Europe


At the ripe age of 15, after a very early start in his professional music career recording his first album with the Scorpions and after joining UFO age 17, Michael Schenker focused exclusively on lead guitar and pure self-expression. The second chapter in his career was focused on experimenting and developing his expertise on a more musical and personal level. With excellent musicians, friends and fans from all over the world, this live recording is part of this celebration.

Michael Schenker sees himself and his music as a building block with the entire construction of the Temple Of Rock. The Temple Of Rock is almost finished, says Michael Schenker. The foundation was laid in the 60s by bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. The walls were then built by UFO and others in the late 70s. By the 80s it was further reinforced by the likes of the Scorpions, and many other noteworthy rock bands. There's not much new left to expect, but I am glad to be a part of this temple. continues Michael Schenker, It is an unbelievable fun and a great honor for me to share a stage with some of the world's best musicians and make music with them.

A concert from Tilburg in the Netherlands was recorded in May 2012, which distinguishes itself noticeably from previous releases due to the line-up that includes Michael Schenker (lead guitar), Doogie White (vocals), Herman Rarebell (drums), Francis Buchholz (bass) and Wayne Findley (rhythm guitar, keyboards).

In addition to this Tilburg concert, fans can experience extracts from London's 2011 High Voltage Festival with Michael Voss (vocals), plus awe-inspiring guest appearances from Schenker's friends and musical companions including his brother Rudolf Schenker (The Scorpions), ex-Journey singer Jeff Scott Soto, and UFO bassist Pete Way.

  • Into The Arena (Live in Tilburg)
  • Armed And Ready (Live in Tilburg)
  • Lovedrive (Live in Tilburg)
  • Another Piece Of Meat (Live in Tilburg)
  • Hanging On (Live in Tilburg)
  • Cry For The Nations (Live in Tilburg)
  • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Live in Tilburg)
  • Coast To Coast (Live in Tilburg)
  • Assault Attack (Live in Tilburg)
  • Before The Devil Knows You´Re Dead (Live in Tilburg)
  • Lights Out (Live in Tilburg)
  • On And On (Live in Tilburg)
  • Let It Roll (Live in Tilburg)
  • Shoot Shoot (Live in Tilburg)
  • Rock You Like A Hurricane (Live in Tilburg)
  • Rock Bottom (Live in Tilburg)
  • Holiday (Live in Tilburg)
  • Blackout (Live in Tilburg)
  • Doctor Doctor (Live in Tilburg)
  • Armed And Ready (Live at High Voltage)
  • Another Piece Of Meat (Live at High Voltage)
  • Rock You Like A Hurricane - feat. Rudolf Schenker (Live at High Voltage)
  • Hanging On - feat. Rudolf Schenker (Live at High Voltage)
  • Doctor Doctor - feat. Rudolf Schenker o.a. (Live at High Voltage)