Hard Rock
35 - 0169085
  • Artist: Schenker, Michael Group
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0169085
  • Release Date: 25.04.2008
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Hier geht`s zur Produktseite: https://www.in-akustik.de/en/music-media/album//in-the-midst-of-beauty-0169085/?no_cache=1

In The Midst Of Beauty


Like a phoenix from the ashes

Michael Schenker is back. And it is high time because hard

rock fans have been missing this talented guitarist for a long time. This was

the man who was the hallmark of great music from Germany in the 70s and 80s in

the Scorpions, UFO and his own Michael Schenker Group.

And now he returns to his very own musical roots because the

“legend” Gary Barden joins him as the first MSG singer in “In The Midst Of

Beauty”. Incidentally, Michael wrote all 12 songs together with him. But that is

by no means all. Other well-known international musicians will accompany Michael

on his long-awaited comeback. None other than Don Airey from Deep Purple is on

keyboards. Neil Murray from Whitesnake strums the bass strings and Simon

Phillips works the drums. On an occasion like this we can quite rightly talk

about an international, star-studded line up of world class format. This

combines an extraordinary feel for melody with Michael's impressive guitar

playing. The whole album was produced and recorded in the studio of his friend,

Siggi Schwarz, in Neu-Ulm.

Michael Schenker recovers his former strength with “In The

Midst Of Beauty”. The result is a fine mixture throughout the entire album and

in some places is even reminiscent of Deep Purple or Rainbow in tracks such as

“Nights To Remember” or “End Of The Line”. And with “This Time”, MSG even have a

track which could get into the charts. A healthy dose of hard rock and plenty of

lyrical melodies distinguish his new CD, which his old fans love and which will

impress a wide range of new fans.

  • City Lights
  • Competition
  • I Want You
  • End Of The Line
  • Summerdays
  • Night To Remember
  • Wings Of Emotion
  • Come Closer
  • Cross Of Crosses
  • Nana
  • I Am The One
  • Ride On My Way