Hard Rock
35 - 0169150
  • Artist: Pendulum of Fortune
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0169150
  • Release Date: 20.10.2017
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Hard Rock
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Searching For The God Inside


The European Union is alive! At least on professional music level...

The proof is provided by an impressive quartet from Germany, England and Russia.

Pendulum Of Fortune and their album Searching For The God Inside - is made of eleven songs that are as exciting, unique and diverse as the careers of each individual musician.

The founder and mastermind of the band, is no less than the exceptional German drummer Bodo Schopf, who for many years was an integral part of the legendary prog rock band ELOY and also drummed for greats like Michael Schenker, Eric Burdon and Jack Bruce. And not forgetting his time with the iconic Glam-Rockers The Sweet.

He met there singer, David Readman (Pink Cream 69, Almanac and Tank) on a tour in 2014. He played the Englishman some of his freshly composed songs, and David Readman was so enthusiastic he said right away that he wanted to sing on the album. All said and done.

With bassist Franky R, Bodo Schopf got a good old friend on board with whom he had played together with in the Michael Schenker Group. Franky R had also worked for such great artists and bands like Ronnie James Dio, Kingdom Come and Vanden Plas.

Soon after that, guitarist Vladimir Shevyakov, a studio musician (and studied classical guitar player) from Moscow was found and the quartet was now perfect.

Hard-Rock at its best.

  • Crossed That Line
  • Searching For The God Inside
  • Time After Time
  • Hell That`s Where I`ll Roam
  • Crazy Thoughts
  • I Can`t Escape No More
  • Suicide
  • Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
  • Goes Around Comes Around
  • Higher
  • Born Again