Pop International
26 - 0166060
  • Artist: Jones, Howard
  • Format: DVD-Video
  • Order No.: 0166060
  • Release Date: 04.03.2005
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Pop International
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20th Anniversary Concert - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire


Howard Jones, the British singer, pianist, keyboard-player and songwriter, celebrated the 20th birthday of his first hit "New Song” with a spectacular concert: In autumn 2003 the popstar remembered all the stops in his career live in a London theatre. Fans travelled from Australia and the USA to be there. And they received the maximum.

Howard Jones had been planning his birthday marathon for a long time and had decided to split the concert into four sections. He began chronologically, with the One-Man-Synthesizer-Show, supported by dancer and pantomime artist Jed Hoile. What an atmosphere: The audience sang along to every verse as if they had rehearsed before.

In the acoustic set, Howard Jones shone as an excellent pianist, whom some critics have compared to Keith Emerson. In the last two parts it was back to the typical Howard Jones electronic sound. First, he performed with his current band and played rousing live versions of his classic songs “Just Look At You Now”, “Conditioning” and “All I Want”.

The finale and high point was performed by a full rock band, with guests like Nena and Midge Ure, the guitarist from Ultravox. The event took almost three hours and is now available on these two DVDs. 20th Anniversary concert also contains more than 100 minutes of bonus material, such as a detailed interview with the talented entertainer and interviews with members of his band.

  • We Make The Weather
  • Dreamin' On
  • Pearl In The Shell
  • Someone You Need
  • Life In One Day
  • No One Is To Blame
  • Natural
  • Equality
  • Hide And Seek
  • Don't Always Look At
  • The Rain
  • New Song
  • Bounce Right Back
  • Conditioning
  • Just Look At You Now
  • Like To Get To Know You Well
  • Hunt The Self
  • All I Want
  • I Don't Hate You
  • Revolution Of The Heart
  • You Know I Love You, Don't You
  • Tomorrow Is Now
  • Wedding Song
  • 99 Luftballons
  • Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
  • Vienna
  • Prisioner
  • Everlasting Love
  • What Is Love
  • Things Can Only Get Better