Classic Rock & Pop
172210 - 0169127
Classic Rock & Pop
172210 - 0169127

Still Standing Strong And Back In Town

  • Artist: Epitaph
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0169127
  • Release Date: 20.09.2013
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Classic Rock & Pop

This is a journey through four decades of Epitaph history, including new and old songs, with new arrangements and a brilliant acoustic set as well. A unique live experience that impressively documents the musical achievement of a band that has a special place in German rock history.

The motto on 27 November 2012 was ‘Still standing strong and back in town’, when Cliff Jackson, Bernie Kolbe, Achim Poret and Heinz Glass hit the stage at the legendary music venue Capitol in Hannover.

For Epitaph this was ‘a very special evening, a very special concert where we had the chance to welcome many friends and a whole bunch of people who have been with us in a variety of capacities over the years’.

Those on stage alongside Kolbe, Jackson, Porret and Glass included Klaus Walz (Guitar, ex-EPITAPH, JANE), Klaus Henatsch (Keyboards, NEKTAR), Volker Sassenberg (Keyboards, ex-KINGDOM / DOMAIN), Tim Reese (Violin), Anca Graterol (Vocals), the I.V.O.-Kids of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and many others besides …

  • Dancing With Ghosts
  • Cold Rain
  • Another Bloody Day
  • Dead Mans Train
  • Remember The Daze
  • Ride The Storm
  • Sad Song
  • Crossroads
  • Hole In My Head
  • Long Live The Children
  • Woman
  • Can’t You See
  • Big City (Acoustic)
  • In Your Eyes (Acoustic)
  • Visions (Acoustic)
  • Stop, Look And Listen
  • Ain’t No Liar
  • Going To Chicago
  • Who Do You Love