Modern Jazz
172210 - 01915125
Modern Jazz
172210 - 01915125

In The Shadow Of A Cloud


A self-described ‘old fashioned romantic,’ Moscow-born pianist-composer Yelena Eckemoff once again demonstrates uncommon lyricism and a gift for melody on In the Shadow of a Cloud, her most upbeat and accomplished recording to date. With a pristine touch and refined sense of form, Eckemoff organically blends classical elements with jazz improvisation in her evocative pieces that strike a delicate balance between being through-composed and full of open-ended exploration. Highly affecting music on In the Shadow of a Cloud is imbued with remarkable band interplay and daring improvisations from the jazz heavyweights - crew of New Yorkers in Chris Potter on multiple reeds and flute, Adam Rogers on guitar, Drew Gress on bass and Gerald Cleaver on drum - who serve as her sideman on this ambitious 2-CD set. In the Shadow of a Cloud is another personal statement from the prolific composer. Whether it’s her memories of the sound of grasshoppers in a country field, the massive iron railroad bridge with wooden walkways near her home, her grandpa’s motorboat, the sensation of swinging in a hammock with her mother or the fragrance of wild lilies mixed with the smells of warm asphalt and potatoes and onions frying on kerosene burners, Eckemoff’s In the Shadow of a Cloud stands as an evocative soundtrack for the life she left behind in Russia when she and her husband emigrated to North Carolina in 1991.

Eckemoff sheds her skin once again and comes in with a classic, ECM worthy date that finds her mixing angular jazz with left leaning impressionism aided by a crew of experienced New Yorkers that know how to deliver this sound and vision. This is the sound of her memories of days gone by, spread over two discs with some improv aces that know how to sound like she feels. Certainly something different and out of the ordinary. (Chris Spector for Midwest Record)

  • In the Shadow of a Cloud
  • Saratovsky Bridge
  • Fishing Village
  • Waters of Tsna River
  • Acorn Figurines
  • On the Motorboat
  • Hammock Stories
  • Picnic in the Oaks
  • Waltz of the Yellow Petals
  • Trail Along the River
  • Lament
  • Vision of a Hunt
  • The Fog
  • Tambov Streets on a Summer Night