Symphonic Music / Orchestra
35 - 030466
  • Composer: Chesky, David
  • Artist: Chesky, David
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 030466
  • Release Date: 07.05.2021
  • Label: Chesky
  • Genre: Symphonic Music / Orchestra
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Songs For A Broken World


This new album by David Chesky is a sincere expression of the concerns that the composer wants to share with the world; with a world in which we all live and die.

The monumental form of this music allows us to reflect various tragic ones. By becoming part of our lives, it forces us to define our beliefs.

David Chesky's music not only appeals to our aesthetic preferences, but also challenges us to be politically vigilant (while at the same time keeping a clear distance from political activism).

Nobody is forced to go on the “barricades”, but we are simply obliged to recognize injustice in every form and to name it personally (even in silence) instead of accepting terror as something “ordinary” and “far from us” .

If we want to remain people with one heart and one soul, we will get involved with David Chesky's sounds. They speak to us and appeal to our compassion.

-- Gidon Kremer --

David Chesky composed and recorded the trilogy on the resistance group “The White Rose” (which fought against National Socialism in the spirit of humanism and at the risk of their own lives) in the second half of the crisis year 2020 in a mood of great desperation.

The first part brings to mind February 18, 1943, when Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans were caught doing a leaflet campaign, detained and finally sentenced to death in two trials and executed a little later.

The second part of the trilogy begins after an orchestral introduction with a second-fourth motif of the vocal ensemble, which is exchanged in imitations and variations between the voices.

According to David Chesky, the final part of the trilogy depicts Sophie Scholl's ascent to heaven and her canonization.

In Songs From A Broken World, David Chesky addresses the crises of the past as well as those of our own time. In addition to the trilogy on the "White Rose" and musical reflections on the wars in Vietnam and Syria, there is also a composition on the Corona crisis, to which several friends of Chesky's fell victim.


David Chesky - Piano

J'Nai Bridges – Mezzo Soprano

Pedro R Díaz - English Horn

Milan Milisavljevic - Viola

Ute Lemper - Narrator

Orchestra And Choir Of The 21st Century

  • Remembrance For The Victims of the Vietnam War (Chesky, David (feat. Bridges, J’Nai))
  • For Our Own (Chesky, David (feat. Diaz, Pedro R; Milisavljevic, Milan))
  • The White Rose (Chesky, David (feat. Bridges, J’Nai))
  • The Names of the White Rose (Chesky, David (feat. Lemper, Ute))
  • The Girl with the White Rose (Chesky, David (feat. Bridges, J’Nai))
  • Sacred Child of Aleppo