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The Paris Concert


To his Millions of admires around the world, Larry

Carltonn - the legendary Mr. 335 - needs no introductions.. We are very

proud to offer you the magical concert Larry gave at the New Morning

in 2004 with his fabulous Sapphire Blues Band. A musical jewel indeed! Backed by

the funky horn section section of the SBB, carlton sets his fans on fire for a

sorching journey into the heart of the blues. This extraordinary concert is a

model of discreet musical sophistication as well as a declaration of love to the

Blues from the fingertips of one of the greatest living guitarists. We can

hardly wait for more, Larry !

  • Friday Night Shuffle
  • Night Sweats
  • Josie
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Minute by Minute
  • Smiles & Smiles To Go
  • Just An Excuse
  • 7 For You
  • Tenor Madness
  • Slightly Dirty
  • Deep Into It
  • Room 335
  • Sleepwalk