35 - 019024
  • Artist: Brother Snakeoil & The Medicine Men
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 019024
  • Release Date: 25.01.2019
  • Label: Steeplejack
  • Genre: Blues
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Cures All


Straight, honest and authentic, that’s how Brother Snakeoil & The Medicine Men live and play the blues. You can hear it in the voice in every soulful line of text and in every note of the bandleader's inspired guitar.

During the last three years, the band has doggedly earned ist permanent place in the blues scene. Brother Snakeoil stands for authentic, electric blues that breathes and with ist dynamics creates space for vocals and solos. In addition to their original songs, the band is known for their interpretations of songs that flatter the original in terms of flair and sound.

The band’s live presence is already well known within the scene. With “Cures All” Brother Snakeoil have managed to capture this sound in the studio. Respectful yet individually crafted loans from George “Harmonica” Smith, Sonny Boy Williamson, Luther “Snake Boy” Johnson, Jimmy Vaughan and others sit prominently alongside seven strong, original titles. Be prepared for studio versions of “Cool Cat Hipster”, “Roll On The Seven Seas” – fittingly at number five on the album, “Jack Of All Trades”, “47 Miles”, “Do A Little Hoodoo” and “Walk On And Don’t Turn Back”, recorded and mixed by Fabian Rosmity and René Lieutenant. Especially the fourth track, “Leave Me Alone” is a beautifully crafted, classic blues by Jens Turowski and Klaus Brunschede.

Jens Turowski's rough voice wanders authentically out of the speakers and into the ears along with his unmistakable guitar sound. In addition to the powerful, dirty presence needed for the blues, Turowski - aka “Brother Snakeoil” - presents his fine, sure feeling for exactly the right expression, tone and harmonic connection, transporting the positive energy of the blues in every recording. Huggy Jörg Borghardt sets reliable, familiar Borghardt accents, beautiful pearly soundscapes and soothing tones on the keys; a good, exciting contrast to the mighty, wonderfully haunting harp of Little Roger C. Wade. Both add their musicality to the whole in a way that serves the band and the song. Andy Schieren plays the drums so ingeniously that you feel compelled to listen to some songs a hundred times for that reason alone. And finally, Klaus Brunschede on bass lays a rich foundation, holding the package together.

  • Telephone Blues (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Early in the Morning (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Cool Cat Hipster (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Leave Me Alone (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Roll on the Seven Seas (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Down to the Nitty Gritty (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Jack of All Trades (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • 47 Miles (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Do a Little Hoodoo (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Six Strings Down (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Why Get Up (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)
  • Walk On And Don't Turn Back (Brother Snakeoil & the Medicine Men)