35 - 0169124
  • Artist: Blues Company
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0169124
  • Release Date: 20.09.2013
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Blues
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X-Ray Blues


They have been on the stage for over 35 years, have performed on more than 3,500 occasions in 14 countries and have released more than 20 albums. From these impressive achievements of the Blues Company, it is apparent that the musicians around the mastermind Todor Todorovic have had an enormous influence on the blues in Germany. However, far more impressive than the statistics is the manner in which Todorovic, who is known to all simply as ‘Toscho’, celebrates the blues with his buddies on stage. Toscho lets the guitar fly with his pieces that bubble with elegance, while his unmistakeable voice gives the songs their distinctive expression.

It is not surprising that highly prestigious awards, such as ‘The German Record Critics' Award’ or ‘Blues Louis’ awarded by the SWR, grace the shelves of the Blues Company. Although, Toscho & Co may actually feel even more honoured by a completely different and very special use of their studio albums. Sound experts of the most sophisticated high-end hi-fi equipment regularly make use of the CDs of the Blues Company to be able to demonstrate the impressive brilliance and performance of their sophisticated speaker boxes and finest amplifier technology…

After an absence of 3 years from the studio, the Blues Company prove that they have not missed out on anything in their new album ‘X-Ray Blues’. 13 songs that vibrate with vitality in a mix of proven, powerful modern Chicago blues with trips into the Mississippi delta, into folk blues and funky soul blues. Numerous guests fortify the nutritious musical menu.

Although the album has quiet and temperamental moments, it is always able to carry the listener away with its intensity.

Toscho even created the cover picture. During a tour through the former Yugoslavia, he was granted permission at the airport in Belgrade to photograph his Ibanez whilst it was being scanned.

  • The Blues Been Good To Me
  • Big Legged Woman
  • If I Only Could
  • The Mirror
  • A Little Bit Of That
  • Smoking Gun
  • You Drive Me Crazy
  • Uh Wee Baby
  • Bon Ton Roulez
  • Sugar Daddy
  • Kiss
  • Albatross
  • Summertime