Pop International
172181 - 0167189
Pop International
172181 - 0167189

Live In Switzerland

  • Artist: Anka, Paul
  • Format: Blu-Ray Disc
  • Order No.: 0167189
  • Release Date: 22.03.2013
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Pop International

Paul Anka is one of the most successful and influential rock and swing musicians of the 20th century. He has celebrated success as a singer, as well as a composer of a number of huge hits. He has sold over 100 million records and still performs all over the world in major concert halls. Who does not remember his classics such as “Diana”, “Put Your Hands on My Shoulder”, “You Are My Destiny”? … as well as tracks like “She’s a Lady” (Tom Jones) and “My Way” (Frank Sinatra) which were penned by Paul Anka. In 1993 he was accepted in the Hall Of Fame as a composer.

Since 2005 Paul Anka has also worked on “Rock Swings”, taking hits from rock music and reinterpreting them with a Big Band sound.

In November 2011, during his European tour, Paul Anka made an appearance as part of the celebrations for the 25th AVO SESSION music festival in Basel, Switzerland. During the concert he revealed to the audience that he now looked back on a stage career of more then 50 years.

In tune with the celebrations, the memorable concert was dazzling: one of the greatest entertainers in show business - accompanied by the Paul Anka Big Band –

exudes charm and charisma in multifarious ways. Whether it's his own songs or rock hits in Big Band sound, Paul Anka demonstrates, at the age of 70, that a real entertainer can set any hall alight, and not just in Las Vegas. He includes the audience in his show, dances on tables and chairs and even dances with (female) members of the audience. A great party and terrific entertainment – a rare treat.

A Paul Anka concert is now available on Blu-ray for the first time.

  • Diana
  • For Once In My Life / Come Rain
  • You Are My Destiny
  • Mack The Knife
  • My Hometown
  • Times Of Your Life
  • Jump
  • This Is It
  • Put Your Head On My Shoulder
  • Puppy Love
  • Lonely Boy
  • Eso Beso
  • She's A Lady
  • A Steel Guitar And A Glas Of Wine
  • It Doesn't Matter Anymore
  • Oh Lonesome Me
  • Bye Bye Love
  • Crazy Love
  • G-Minor Vibe
  • My Way
  • New York New York
  • Twist & Shout
  • My Way (Instrumental)
  • Proud Mary
  • Diana (And Concert Closer)