Modern Jazz
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Modern Jazz
35 - 0584198

Le Jardin Oublie / My Polish Heart


The pianist Vladyslav Sendecki and the Atom String Quartet release a fascinating jazz album: Le Jardin Oublié is a metaphor for the forgotten, that which is believed to be lost, and the longed for – an inner view that gazes both into the past and the future – even touching fragmentarily on the basic existentialist concepts of being and nonexistence.

  • Picture of the Past
  • Lullaby for a Handful Kids
  • Payed View on Tatra
  • Little Waltz Wunderlich
  • My Polish Heart (Movement 6 –14)
  • Back Where I Belong
  • Komeda Hommage („After Catastrophy“, Ballet Etude Nr. 3)
  • A Man of a Big Heart
  • Taniec Magurski
  • Elegy