Pop International
35 - 0167964
  • Artist: A Tasty Sound Collection
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0167964
  • Release Date: 04.12.2009
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Pop International
  • Hier geht`s zur Produktseite: https://www.in-akustik.de/en/music-media/album//whisky-blues-0167964/?no_cache=1

Whisky & Blues


Music, as blue(s) as whisky: Whisky is a drink of the night.

It is best enjoyed in small sips, for example, in a night club. With dimmed

light. And nothing goes better with whisky than the Blues. Let whisky melt on your tongue and enjoy this compilation of

blues hymns related to whisky and those times that simply call for a drink – and someone that offers one (Somebody Buy Me A Drink – David

Johansen). Experience how whisky can affect you (Crazy when she drinks – Lee

Rocker) and how it can ease the pain of missing someone (Miss You –

Cadillac Blues Band).

Enjoy the Blues for the full duration of a whisky drink –

more than 56 minutes of other great tunes from artists like Kenny Neal, the

Vivino Brothers or Miller Anderson.

Just enough time to sip on a single malt.


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  • Somebody Buy Me A Drink (Johansen, David & The Harry Smiths)
  • Whisky Tears (Neal, Kenny)
  • Crazy When She Drinks (Rocker, Lee)
  • Love Fever (Popovic, Ana)
  • Little Guy (Reece, Marc)
  • Miss You (Cadillac Blues Band)
  • Message to Man (Guitar Crusher)
  • Soul Revival (Vivino Brothers)
  • Time To Pay (Simmons, Stephen)
  • Black Nite (Blues Company)
  • By The Light (Anderson, Miller)