Pop International
35 - 0167969
  • Artist: A Tasty Sound Collection
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0167969
  • Release Date: 18.05.2012
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Pop International
  • Hier geht`s zur Produktseite: https://www.in-akustik.de/en/music-media/album//beer-rock-0167969/?no_cache=1

Beer & Rock


Whatever one calls it - beer is consumed everywhere and suitable for all occasions. With really good rock it sparkles and foams especially delicious. We've put together 14 tracks here that will suit every taste.

Additionally you will find interesting facts about the tradition and history of this beverage.

  • Don't Get Mad (Chucks)
  • Wrong Woman (Popovic, Ana)
  • Hanging On (Schenker, Michael)
  • I'm Just A Singer (Barden, Gary)
  • Another Bloody Day (Epitaph)
  • Greyhound (Zito, Mike)
  • Loose Endz (Vdelli)
  • Pretty Girl (Fuchs, Dana)
  • The Best That I Can (Wild T)
  • Monkey Business (Stavin' Chain)
  • Wherever I Am (Lister, Aynsley)
  • Voodoo Moon (Savoy Brown)
  • Driving With Your Eyes Closed (Lake)
  • Sirens Of War (The Brew)