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AIR Cables - Make your cable test at home

Test our legendary AIR cables in your familiar listening environment at your home. Take your time to compare your current cable setup with the AIR cables from our Reference Selection Series. We look forward to your feedback. If you are interested in a listening session with our cables, please contact us. We will send you the cables for test purposes immediately and without obligation.

"A stroke of genius that also shows the competitors the limits." | Audio 12-2018 - LS-1204 AIR

Listen at home! That's how it works:

  1. Select and order your test cables here

  2. in-akustik respectivel our distribution partner will send you the cables free of charge

  3. You can test the cables for 4 weeks

  4. We will pick up the cables at your place. Unless you want to keep them. Then we will calculated accordingly.

  5. Of course, we would appreciate a feedback, criticism or a report.

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Press comments | Reference AIR cable

"he LS-4004 AIR is one of the finest cables we’ve ever heard."
stereoplay | LS-4004 AIR

 "This cable has what it takes to lift the performance of my chain into the next class! [...] The music flowed effortlessly into my ear and from there coursed right into my stomach. My goodness - that was fun!" Fidelity | LS-4004 AIR 

“It’s difficult to describe – you have to experience it yourself. Or to put it in terms of money, a hi-fi combination worth €20,000 can be improved by 20% simply with the LS-2404 AIR. That amounts to an extraordinary value.”  stereoplay | LS-2404 AIR

"Therefore, the very elaborate hand-crafted cable with an insulation made of air is a real insider tip." HiFi Test | LS-1204 AIR

"A stroke of genius that also shows the competitors the limits. | Processing: outstanding"  Audio | LS-1204 AIR

Your cable selection

Order your Test Cables

If you have opted for one or a maximum of two cables, you are welcome to order them from me. If you are not sure which setup suits to your system configuration, I'll be happy to help. Just give me a call (+49 (0) 7634 5610-16) or send me an Email at the address below. I am happy to hear from you.

Mario Wettengel
Cables & Accessories | Order processing & support

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Referenz Selection

"The LS-4004 AIR is one of the finest cables we’ve ever heard. It is gifted with a phenomenal Analysis." stereoplay 01-2018

More about Referenz Selection

Made in Germany

Most of the in-akustik Referenz and Exzellenz hifi and video cables are manufactured here in Ballrechten-Dottingen. 

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Cable Guide

What you should consider when choosing your cables and how to fully exploit your systems potential – our cable guide will illustrate this for you.