AmbienTrack Cable Ducts

Pretty flexible

They have been doing the rounds in offices and administrative buildings for years: cable ducts – for the flexible installation of power and data lines. In private residences, however, flush-mounted installations still dominate. Although conventional cable ducts are flexible, if not aesthetically pleasing, flush-mounted installation is highly inflexible and is expensive in the long-run.


The long-term thinking homeowner decides on the elegant cable conduits of AmbienTrack right from the beginning. AmbienTrack combines the flexibility of conventional cable conduits with the aesthetics of a
design object.

First and foremost AmbienTrack enables you to furnish the building with a simple, universal planning concept for all future requirements, without having to know at the time of installation, what these requirements might be.


Stay Flexible

The cable ducts, made from elegant aluminium, provide sufficient room for installing switches, sensors, plug sockets, telephone and computer connections, electrical appliances, AmbienArt lighting components
and even loudspeakers. Anyone wishing to carry out changes at a later date need only remove the cover, insert the new components and change a few panels – no jackhammers or clouds of dust required!

What`s more:

AmbienTrack is also suitable for renovating old houses that are no longer equipped to meet future demands, quickly and with ease.

The results are plain to see

Cable ducts made from aluminium? How much does that cost? Not as much as a simple comparison would lead you to believe. The initial installation of AmbienTrack may well cost more when compared to a conventional installation in certain circumstances. However small modifications soon compensate for this difference. Initial costs are quickly made up for when laying new wires or when retrofitting or re-positioning plug sockets. When the time comes to make new and bigger changes, like introducing a new flatscreen TV, extra switches or wall lamps, AmbienTrack is not only quicker and easier to reconfigure, but also up to 30% cheaper than conventional flush-mounted installation. The same is true when renovating electrical installations in old buildings. In short: the long-term thinker opts for AmbienTrack from the start.

Ready for the future

For who knows while their house is being built, where plugs, switches and connections will be needed once everything is finished? When the kids grow up and their bedrooms become home offices, when People get older and want automatic shutters or when multimedia enthusiasts suddenly want a new HiFi system, conventional flush-mounted installation requires the walls to be opened up for new wiring to be painstakingly re-laid. Even relatively minor changes, such as the re-positioning of a plug socket can turn out very expensive.


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Facets of Light

Did you know that LEDs generate up to 50 lumen per watt and are therefore approximately 5 times more powerful than 20 watt halogen lamps?

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Life is more beautiful than any product presentation. Have a look at some of our reference projects to see the variety of options provided by our AmbienTech products.



With AmbienTech you enjoy a completely new sense of freedom to create spatial designs, capture light and to generate attractive ambience