172210 - 0169152
172210 - 0169152
Jubilee Edition

Jubilee Edition


30 years have passed by since the first contract between Todor Todorovic (Blues Company) and in-akustik has been signed. 17 albums by the Blues Company, 2 solo albums by Todor ‘Tosho’ Todorovic released on the inakustik label and various awards handed out by by the German Record Critics are the testimonies of the creativity and consistency of this extraordinary liaison.

This jubilee is celebrated with a special Limited Collector's Edition. The edition is limited to 2.708 copies and serialized. The content of this Limited Collector's Edition is assembled according to this occasion and provides an overview of this creative time working together:

• Invitation To The Blues (2000)

• Hot And Ready To Serve (2007)

• Ain’t Nothing But… (2015)

• With A Little Help … - a compilation of songs which were recorded with guests during this period (Ana Popovic, Joanna Connor, Johnny Heartsman, Louisiana Red, Luther Allison, Stan Webb u.a.)

• Encores – concert encores from 2014 and 2016 which have not been released on the respective albums

  • Havin' A Ball
  • Invitation To The Blues
  • Drivin' Through Texas
  • 747
  • Jet Set Shuffle
  • Good Man Bad
  • Run Your Finger Through My Hair
  • Warm Night In June
  • Fine! Fine! Fine!
  • What Love Can Do
  • Same Old Feeling
  • Goin' Down
  • My Little Angel
  • Till The Lights Go Out
  • My Guitar And Me
  • Kids
  • Hollywood
  • Soon Or Later
  • Plastic People
  • Shake It Don't Break It
  • Dark Day
  • Doin' It Right
  • The People
  • Hideaway/Peter Gun Theme
  • My Guitar And Me
  • The Blues Been Good To Me
  • Ol What's Her Name
  • Bad Decision
  • If I Only Could
  • The Mirror
  • Keep On Singin´ The Blues
  • Plastic People
  • Mr. TNT
  • You Drive Me Crazy
  • No Idea
  • Drivin' Through Texas
  • (I´m Just An) Old Blues Singer
  • Things Won´t Be The Same
  • Till The Lights Go Out
  • Blow Jay Blow (Blues Company feat. McNeely, Big Jay & Donnely, Albie )
  • Look Here Baby (Blues Company feat. Louisiana Red )
  • Silent Night (Blues Company feat. Webb, Stan)
  • Comin´Home Baby (Blues Company feat. Heartsman, Johnny )
  • Blues Is My Middle Name (Blues Company feat. Baker, Steve )
  • Move On Down The Line (Blues Company feat. Heartsman, Johnny )
  • Dance All Night (Blues Company feat. Connor, Joanna )
  • She´s Gone (Blues Company feat. Bell, Carey)
  • Drinkin´Blues (Blues Company feat. Louisiana Red )
  • I´m Scared To Move (Blues Company feat. Popovic, Ana )
  • Bad Dreams (Blues Company feat. Allison, Luther)
  • Cry For Me (Blues Company feat. Bell, Carey)
  • Things Won´t Be The Same (Blues Company feat. Sax Gordon )
  • Pension Blues (Blues Company feat. Louisiana Red )
  • Ev´ryday I Have The Blues (Blues Company feat. Webb, Stan & Allison, Luther)
  • Let´s Work Together
  • Honky Tonk Woman
  • Fool
  • The Blues Is Alright
  • Silent Night
  • Smoking Gun
  • Sugar Daddy
  • A Little Bit Of That